The Farm:  Full Kettle is a one acre herb farm located at 111 North Silver Lane, Sunderland Massachusetts. We grow a wide selection of fresh and dried herbs for tea blends, culinary use, medicinals, and essential oils. We grow almost everything by hand, using a rototiller sparingly in the springtime to work in cover crops. Our herbs are harvested at peak freshness and most of them go through our beautifully crafted drying room, eventually bound for your tea pot! We put a lot of attention and love into caring for the plants and the soil, and as a result our herbs are full of life, happy to serve us as we serve them. Growing on one acre, we use a mix of a raised bed system and "herb patches", along with extensive cover cropping, mulching, and composting. The farm has a healthy chi flowing throughout, with a small stream of clean mountain water hugging the field like a mama bear. 

The Farmer: Greg Disterhoft began farming by accident at Full Belly Farm in California in 2008. This was a break from his first 25 years of life, into a new world of deep soils and rich community. After a short apprenticeship out West, he began a five year stint managing the vegetable production at Red Fire Farm in Montague, Massachusetts. In 2014, he managed Goldthread Herb Farm in Conway MA, where he fist exposed to herbs under the guidance of master herbalist William Siff. Shortly after, he founded his own herb farm, Full Kettle! He is forever grateful to a wonderful community of farmers, artists, cooks, healers, musicians, and a generous family with a small patch of land.