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For the 2017 season, I'm curating a workshop series about exploring a more beautiful world. I believe there is a better way to do things than what we've currently settled for: a better way to grow and distribute food, a better way to design our living arrangements, a better way to "educate" ourselves and our children, a better way to approach race, gender, money, medicine, and property. I also believe a necessary step in getting "there" from "here" is letting go of what we thought we knew about the world, along with cultivating a willingness to explore and experience different ways of thinking, feeling, and being. After all, without some kind of fundamental shift into a fresh new space, we might go on haplessly reenforcing the same institutions and world views that we seek to subvert, transcend, and ultimately heal from.  

The Map's Edge is a workshop series that invites Us to gather in community and explore new personal and cultural territory. It is a space where we hear a new story of the world and see how it fits. It is an invitation to get curious, to question conventional wisdom, to step into "not knowing" and allow our imaginations to take center stage. From this place, what's possible that we have not yet imagined, as individuals, small communities, and beyond? To find out, we must be willing to step off old paths and get a little lost... with our hearts wide open. 

Each Map's Edge workshop explores a new idea, facilitated by a practitioner of an alternative, holistic, or otherwise radical way of being that may help us navigate this new territory. I've invited some amazing people to come to teach these workshops, people that have spent years operating, in some way or another, outside of our dominate cultural narratives. I invite you to come gather as we share in the wisdom, and perhaps create something new, together, on the spot. 

Some details...

  • The Map's Edge is Sundays only, sporadically throughout the growing season. All workshops are 3 hours.  Space is limited to 20 people per workshop. 
  • Workshops are held in an "outdoor classroom", so please dress weather appropriate
  • Prices vary but are sliding scale. Please consider your general financial circumstances (income, spending, savings etc.) when calculating your contribution. 
  • Pre-registration is required and available until the day before the workshop. Once you register, you'll receive an email with details about the day of your workshop (getting here, what to bring etc.). 

2017 Schedule (completed as of 10/15)

    Jeremy andersen of windhorse integrative mental health

    basic attendance: cultivating interpersonal presence

    sunday june 11th, 1-4pm 

    Workshop Date passed

    This workshop will explore the Windhorse practice of Basic Attendance—a contemplative approach to being with another person in a mindful, attuned, and responsive way.  In Basic Attendance, one attends to one’s own mind and body, to the other person, and to the relational and physical environment as a whole.  This informal mindfulness practice is supported and deepened by one’s formal mindfulness practice.  By mindfully connecting with our own immediate experience, while relaxing our preconceptions and fixed ideas, we can cultivate a spacious presence that is grounded, connected, and open to others as they are.

    About the presenter: Jeremy Andersen is a Senior Clinician and Education Director at Windhorse Integrative Mental Health in Northampton, MA.  Before joining Windhorse, Jeremy worked as a psychotherapist in urban and rural community mental health clinics.  He has also done milieu work with children experiencing emotional distress and children and adults with developmental disabilities.  In addition to his clinical work, Jeremy lived and worked at Karme Choling retreat center in Vermont and served in leadership positions at the Berkeley and Pioneer Valley Shambhala Centers.  He received his Masters in Integral Counseling Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies and is an authorized meditation instructor in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition.

    See more about Windhorse Integrative Mental Health here.

    l. davis chandler and lani blechman of translate gender

    a new language: beyond either/or    

    Workshop Postponed Date tbd

    $25-50 sliding scale - preferred 

    We live in a world of binary thinking, either/or, good/bad, right/wrong. The gender binary is a fundamental and primary way we organize the world - when a baby is born, a doctor announces either "it's a boy!" or "it's a girl!" The reality of our lives is such that there are no clearly demarcated boxes and no person fits into the imaginary boxes we create. Non binary and gender non conforming identities are the new language frontier of gender identity and development that many of us experience. In this workshop we will provide a gender/sex 101, utilize discussion and experiential process to learn about our own gender, and envision a world where we are free from the shackles of binary thinking.

    L. Davis Chandler (they/them), LICSW, graduated from Smith College School for Social Work in 2011. They relocated to the Pioneer Valley from San Francisco, CA. Davis currently works at Windhorse Integrative Mental Health in Northampton working with adults experiencing extreme states of mind and/or major life disruptions. Prior they worked as a family therapist with children and their families in a community mental health setting. They specialize in working with gender non-conforming, queer, and trans children, adolescents, and adults. They are the co-director of Translate Gender, Inc. and currently co-lead two therapy in Northampton, one for trans and gender nonconforming young people and their families and the other for trans and gender nonconforming adults and their partners. Davis also self-identifies as queer and gender nonconforming.

    Think about children's lit, libraries, teen and adult partnerships, changing the criminal (in)justice system, celebrating our identities and our differences and our families, reveling in our genders, and building new ways of being together.  This is the work that Lani Blechman (she/her) loves to do.  Lani is the librarian at Leverett Elementary School.  She is a social justice organizer.  She is a facilitator of Translate Gender's family group and a gender inclusion trainer focusing on making schools and libraries supportive for trans, gender nonconforming, and non binary people.  Lani self-identifies as a white, queer woman, and she is passionate about anti-racism, organizing library collections, trans inclusion, and the positive change that you want to make, instigate, and create. Lani hold a Masters of Library Science from Simmons College, and she has been trained as an Intergroup Dialogue facilitator.

    Read more about Translate Gender here.


    ben walker and emily hildebrand of greenfield community acupuncture

    The Dynamic Worldview: The Human Organism as Resilient System and Radical Technology

    sunday july 23rd 1-4pm 

    $25-50 sliding scale - Pre-registration preferred 

    Workshop Date Passed

    Join us as we explore Classical Chinese Medicine, using it as a lens through which to understand health on a human, experiential scale. We'll dive into the physiology of the human body, including its inner ecosystem, methods of self-healing, and the dynamic relationship between our bodies, our environment, and our medicine. We'll place this within the context of science and modern Western Medicine to examine the contrast between a reductionist worldview and a dynamic, interrelated worldview and how these two paradigms affect our understanding of our own bodies and health.

    Participants will engage the intelligence of their senses. We'll get to know the plant medicine that grows at Full Kettle Farm through this language, exploring how taste, touch, sight, and smell have been humans' most valuable assets in traditional medical systems. Through this, we will recognize the human body as a radical technology, a finely tuned instrument capable of discerning and altering subtle patterns in complex relationships.

    About the presenters: Emily Hildebrand and Ben Walker are acupuncturists and classical Chinese herbalists in the Tian-Zeng lineage. They are the owners of Greenfield Community Acupuncture, where they are committed to providing high quality, affordable healthcare to the Pioneer Valley.

    See more about Greenfield Community Acupuncture here.

    Carly Leusner of acorn kitchen

    with guests Kaethe Armitage  and Rachel Klinger

                                          Image courtesy of Erik Hoffner

                                          Image courtesy of Erik Hoffner

    feral hearts can't be broken: foraging for fortitude in uncertain times

    sunday august 6th, 1-4pm 

    $25-50 sliding scale - Pre-registration preferred  

    Workshop Date Passed

    How do we begin to take responsibility for our connections with land within the wider context of colonialism? What do relationships between our bodies and the land look like past, present, and future as foundation in the struggle for justice(s) and meta-resistance to empire? How we can turn to the land for support, vitality, and humility as we confront our own legacies, the legacies of the land we occupy, and the impact these legacies have on land and bodies today and tomorrow?  What do our own relationships with and stories about land reveal and blur regarding power, access, history and colonialism? What are some ways we can leverage our differing access(es) towards concrete material shifts in the lives of those most impacted?

    Anchored with a discussion on land, power, and history, we will explore through conversation and experiential exercises the joy and nuance of eating feral plants, rooting in place, and examine the meaning of “non-appropriative animism” (in the words of Rain Crowe).  This workshop is participatory, outside, and offers more questions than answers, as we approach uncertainty with grace and curiosity.

    About the presenters: Carly has spent the last seven years working and living in a rural community in Western Massachusetts, exploring the local food-ways through professional cooking, gardening, farming, homesteading, herbalism and wildcrafting.  In 2009 she co-founded Acorn Kitchen with Felix Lufkin, a wild food education collaborative and preserve businessShe's a regular contributor to Edible Pioneer Valley offering a quarterly Wild Edibles D.I.Y column. 

    Kaethe grew up in rural Western Massachusetts and returned to finish school.  He has stuck around and intends to continue. In school and out, he has done a lot of thinking and writing about agriculture, land, labor, colonialism, and the histories of the US. He is interested in continuing to think about all this, and the ways narrative can maintain or challenge power. Kaethe currently does landscape gardening work and spends his days in beautiful places thinking about access to wealth, time, and space.

    Rachel grew up in Eastern Massachusetts and has been living in Northampton since 2012, going to school and doing landscaping work. She is on the leadership team of the Western Mass chapter of Resource Generation and sees the work of redistributing resources through a reparations framework as necessary in the ongoing creation of a world in which we can all be okay. She is coming to this workshop with so many questions, both personal and structural, and a lot of excitement.

    See more about ACORN Kitchen here.


    LISTENING: An Apprenticeship to Wisdom, a Path to Peace

    Sunday august 20th 2-5pm

    $25-50 sliding scale - Pre-registration preferred 

    Workshop Date Passed

    Listening is not a natural function that everyone is born with, nor is it a rare, God-given talent. It is, in fact, an artful skill that must be learned by committed practice. Listening has also become an endangered experience in the world today. Without earnest, faithful listening practiced by the individual and the collective, there can be no penetrating understanding of self, other, and everything that flows between the two: no meaningful progress, no true healing, no balance, no peace. Listening is a transformational medicine and a useful tool—a practice in nonviolence and mindfulness—and it is available, and indeed demanded, at all times, from one moment to the next.  How would our world change if we all listened first? What does it take to become a trustworthy listener?

    In this workshop, we will explore listening together: why it matters, how to do it, and the actual experience of it. The goal is to connect deeply; to harvest insight from each other, the land, and our own silence; and to expand our understanding of what is possible in any given moment. Using a combination of storytelling, discussion, dyad and group exercises, and guided meditation, we will gather together to listen our way into the heart.

    About the presenter: Andrew Forsthoefel is a speaker, peace activist, and the author of the book Walking to Listen: 4,000 Miles Across America, One Story at a Time (Bloomsbury, 2017). His narrative work has appeared on This American Life and The Moth, and he teaches walking and listening as practices in connective presence, personal transformation, and conflict resolution. He lives in Northampton, Massachusetts.

    Check out Andrew's website here. 

    therese jornlin of women awake


    sunday september 10th 1-4pm 

    $25-50 sliding scale - Pre-registrationpreferred  

    Workshop Date Passed

    We are cycle-people, not linear people. Our bodies, our lives and our planet are inundated with cycles internally and externally, and yet we move through life as if we are immune to this natural law. What happens to a person, to a culture that resists honoring and living within this natural rhythm, the very rhythm that enables everything to come to alive? Isolation happens. Depression. Imbalance. Addiction. Violence. Ill-health. Engaging in a search and rescue mission of our cyclic nature not only supports our health, but also insures that we remain one of Earth’s species versus joining one of her extinct species!  Come and explore how our biology the breath cycle, seasonal cycle, female cycle, emotional cycles, the human life cycle all carry profound teachings essential to our well-being and the well-being of the earth. 

    About the presenter:  For over 25 years, Therese has worked in the field of holistic health as an educator, a transformational coach and practitioner of therapeutic bodywork. Whether she is teaching a class, in a private session, giving a lecture or facilitating a workshop, her mission is to aid the embodied empowerment of each individual and awaken our connection to each other and the earth.

    Read more about Therese here.

    joseph dicenso

    Body of Knowledge: using embodied metaphor to bring more of ourselves to life 

    sunday september 24 2-5pm

    $25-50 sliding scale - Pre-registration preferred 


    Workshop Date Passed

    As we reimagine our world, how do we navigate, what is our divination system? Dominant culture tells us knowledge is “out there,” in experts, books, blogs, and YouTube videos—and, yes, in workshops like this(!). It trains us to live in our head (and to disdain and dominate our nature—and Nature). Yet, in our body-mind we each carry our own wise witness and intuitive genius. In this workshop, you will be reminded of ways to “listen” to your body and the non-linear mind as sources of wisdom and guidance. We'll make use of the group, our natural setting and ourselves to create an embodied, collaborative learning experience.

    About the presenter: Joseph DiCenso’s bottle cap memoir is “Looking for God in the dark.” A lover of depths and the hidden, Joseph has been helping people bring more of themselves to life for over 25 years. In his work as a counselor, leadership consultant, personal coach and anti-racism activist/consultant, he relies on the body and imagination as sources of knowing.

    Joseph has designed and led workshops across the US, for audiences including youth, educators, and leaders and teams in non-profit, corporate and governmental organizations. With a multi-disciplinary “tool bag” that includes Jungian typology, Shadow Work®, breathwork, and various movement disciplines, Joseph is known for his transparency, presence, listening and deft facilitation.

    Read more about Joseph and his work here.

    Thomas Yeomans, phd

    Soul Presence and Courage in Tumultuous Times

    Workshop postponed date tba

    $25-50 sliding scale - Pre-registration preferred


    Workshop Date Passed

     “We must learn to live as souls on earth”   --Roberto Assagioli, M.D.

    A central challenge of these times is to stay connected to our true nature, or soul, and to act from that consciousness in our daily lives. This workshop will explore how we can stay rooted in our souls, what gets in the way of this, and practices that help restore and sustain our spirit.

    About the presenter: Thomas Yeomans, Ph.D., is the founder and director of the Concord Institute and co-founder, with Russian colleagues, of the International School, a post-graduate training institute in St. Petersburg, Russia. Since 1970 he has worked internationally as a psychotherapist, teacher, and trainer of professionals in Psychosynthesis and Spiritual Psychology. His background includes study at Harvard, Oxford, and the University of California, and professional work in the fields of literature, education, and psychology. He is also a poet, painter, and musician.

    Read more about Thomas and the Concord Institute here.

    jannie dziadzio

    Striking a Happy Medium: Out of Your Mind and Intuition

    sunday october 15th 1-4pm

    $25-50 sliding scale - Pre-registration preferred  


    Workshop Date Passed

    For many of us, our inner knowing or intuition is a largely unexplored mysterious territory, rich in potential, yet steeped in controversy and doubt.  We are often raised to believe that our mind is the ultimate authority, and that what isn’t logical doesn’t exist.  Bolderdash, I say!!  In this highly interactive, (inner active) workshop, we’ll have the opportunity to explore some of the unlearning and unlocking conducive to (re)claiming this magical and sacred territory.  Jannie will be sharing her story as a Medium, and offering practices to support your development in this realm.  Come join us in this joyous and spirited exploration! 

    About the presenter: Jannie Dziadzio is a passionate fruitionist who works in the world as a Transformational Coach with individuals, couples and organizations.  She’s in the 26th year of her practice, based in Montague, Mass.  Her areas of specialization include 7 arenas, all starting with “C”: Consciousness, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Collaboration, Creative Problem Solving, Culture and Courage.  Additionally, she offers her services as an Organizational Development and Passionate Livelihood Coach.  Jannie is happily married, a mother, and most quietly, a Medium.  This workshop is more “out” than she usually ventures publicly as a Medium, yet after all, it’s Map’s Edge, and the opportunity to boldly go where no one has gone before…

    Read more about Jannie here.