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I'm curating a workshop series about exploring a more beautiful world. I believe there is a better way to do things than what we've currently settled for: a better way to grow and distribute food, a better way to design our living arrangements, a better way to "educate" ourselves and our children, a better way to approach race, gender, money, medicine, and property. I also believe a necessary step in getting "there" from "here" is letting go of what we thought we knew about the world, along with cultivating a willingness to explore and experience different ways of thinking, feeling, being, and doing. 

The Map's Edge is a workshop series designed to explore personal and cultural territory. It is a space where we hear a new story of the world and see how it fits. It is an invitation to get curious, to question conventional wisdom, to step into "not knowing" and allow our imaginations to take center stage. From this place, what's possible that we have not yet imagined, as individuals, small communities, and beyond? To find out, we must be willing to step off old paths and get a little lost... with our hearts wide open. 

Each Map's Edge workshop explores a new idea, facilitated by a practitioner of an alternative, holistic, or otherwise radical way of being that may help us navigate this new territory. I've invited some amazing people to come to teach these workshops, people that have spent years operating, in some way or another, outside of our dominate cultural narratives. I invite you to come gather as we share in the wisdom, and perhaps create something new, together, on the spot. 

Some details...

  • The Map's Edge is Sundays only, sporadically throughout the growing season. All workshops are 3 hours.  Space is limited to 20 people per workshop. 
  • Workshops are held in an "outdoor classroom", so please dress weather appropriate
  • Admission is sliding scale ($25-50)
  • Pre-registration preferred. Once you register, you'll receive an email with details about the day of your workshop

The 2018 schedule is nearly complete, we'll have perhaps 1 or 2 more workshops than are listed presently. keep checking back, or read the newsletter!

    Brittany Wood Nickerson of thyme herbal


    progress, new visions

    sunday may 20th, 1-4pm 

    $25-50 Sliding Scale - Pre-registration preferred

    register here

    Workshop description: Capitalism teaches us that progress centers around individual and professional achievement.  Whether we are striving for professional advancement, toward financial goals or feeling pressure to go to college, be in a relationship, or keep our house clean - it is all under the guise of pressure from an achievement based cultural system that measures progress through a linear worldview.  But what if we re-frame progress through a holistic lens that sees movement and advancement in a spiralic framework and prioritizes personal growth, planetary well being, and spiritual alignment?  How would such a shift in belief systems change our cultural worldview?  And how can we utilize such practices professionally, personally and spiritually to create and re-create our lives in ways that are deeply fulfilling and work toward a new vision of progress?  

    "Imagination has people thinking they can go from being poor to a millionaire as part of a shared American dream.  Imagination turns Brown bombers into terrorists and white bombers into mentally ill victims... We must imagine new worlds that transition ideologies and norms, so that no one sees Black people as murderers, or Brown people as terrorists and aliens, but all of us as potential cultural and economic innovators....The more people that collaborate on that ideation, the more that people will be served by the resulting world(s)."

    -Adrienne Maree Brown

    About the presenter: Brittany Wood Nickerson is a professional herbalist, writer, and grounded visionary thinker.  She owns and runs Thyme Herbal in Conway, MA where she teaches classes in herbal medicine and earth-based ritual and spirituality.  She is inspired by natural processes and cycles, change, and the places our hearts and minds can take us when we live in right relationship with the earth.  Brittany is the author of The Everyday Living Series (posters and zines for the home), The Herbal Homestead Journal and Recipes from the Herbalist's Kitchen.  

    See more about Brittany and Thyme Herbal here.

    Therese Jornlin of women awake


    Workshop description TBA

    Sunday june 17th 1-4pm

    $25-50 Sliding Scale - Pre-registration preferred

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    About the presenter: For over 25 years, Therese has worked in the field of holistic health as an educator, a transformational coach and practitioner of therapeutic bodywork. Whether she is teaching a class, in a private session, giving a lecture or facilitating a workshop, her mission is to aid the embodied empowerment of each individual and awaken our connection to each other and the earth.


    Angela Roell of yardbirds

    A Brand New Colony

    Sunday July 29th 1-4pm

    $25-50 Sliding Scale - Pre-registration preferred

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    Workshop description: In this workshop we will reimagine our change making work through the lens of social insects, with a focus on the honeybee hive.  At a time in our history full of uncertainty, building interdependence and community resilience is crucial; we can examine the honeybee hive to guide our practice.  We'll look at ways the honeybees engage in systems thinking and community management via social decision making.  We'll use mapping tools inspired by the hive to assess how we think/act within our communities and how we can share resources to be more engaged social decision makers, organizers and community members.  Participants should bring a curious mind, active sense of belonging and fresh ideas to this workshop.  Participants will leave this workshop with an action item for community engagement, a self assessment tool for transformative change making and an accountability buddy for their new project or idea.

    About the presenter: Angela is an innovative program designer and evaluator with passions for food justice & community empowerment. They believe education is a tool for social justice, within this pedagogy they advocate for developing audience specific curriculum using experiential & reflective learning.  They teach in sustainable food systems at the University of Massachusetts and the Franklin County House of Corrections, their course load includes explorations in food recovery, beekeeping, cooking and food preservation traditions gleaned from their own Grandmother.  Angela lives and works in the Pioneer Valley and manages a small honeybee farm and homestead. 

    See more about Angela and Yardbirds here.


    Andrew Forsthoefel of living to listen

    Transformational Resistance: The Work of Becoming a Trustworthy Listener

    Sunday August 12th 1-4pm

    $25-50 Sliding Scale - Pre-registration preferred

    About the workshop: TBA

    About the presenter: Andrew Forsthoefel is a speaker, peace activist, and the author of the book Walking to Listen: 4,000 Miles Across America, One Story at a Time (Bloomsbury, 2017). His narrative work has appeared on This American Life and The Moth, and he teaches walking and listening as practices in connective presence, personal transformation, and conflict resolution. He lives in Williamsburg, Massachusetts.

    Read more about Andrew at Living to Listen. 


    joseph dicenso 

    breaking the ice: white folks grappling with race, racism, and white supremacy

    workshop description forthcoming

    sunday september 9th 1-4pm

    $25-50 Sliding Scale - Pre-registration preferred

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    About the presenter: Joseph DiCenso’s bottle cap memoir is “Looking for God in the dark.” A lover of depths and the hidden, Joseph has been helping people bring more of themselves to life for over 25 years. In his work as a counselor, leadership consultant, personal coach and anti-racism activist/consultant, he relies on the body and imagination as sources of knowing. Joseph has designed and led workshops across the US, for audiences including youth, educators, and leaders and teams in non-profit, corporate and governmental organizations. With a multi-disciplinary “tool bag” that includes Jungian typology, Shadow Work®, breathwork, and various movement disciplines, Joseph is known for his transparency, presence, listening and deft facilitation.

    Read more about Joseph here.


    Neill Bovaird of wolftree programs

    workshop topic/description TBA

    sunday september 30th 1-4pm

    $25-50 Sliding Scale - Pre-registration preferred

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    About the presenter: Neill Bovaird has been practicing and teaching wilderness skills since 1998. He has a B.S. in Natural Resource Conservation from UMass Amherst and holds a Track and Sign Level III certification through the CyberTracker Conservation. Neill has been a facilitator at Art of Mentoring since 2001 and has studied under Jon Young, Mark Elbroch, Errett Callahan, and Steve Watts.  In addition to being the founder and director of Wolf Tree Programs LLC, Neill has taught wilderness skills at countless private and public schools, nature centers, museums, conferences, elder hostels and camps.  Neill’s passions include flintknapping, bow making, hide tanning, tracking, megalithic construction and wandering in the wilderness.

    Read more about Wolftree here.